Friday, May 14, 2010

Good, Bad & Ugly

In the past, I have been accused of having taken this beluga picture in an aquarium (too close, too perfect) instead of - as it was - freezing my head off, hanging upside down, in an icy river in Manitoba.

I mention this as an introduction to the idea that our audience (the public) is growing ever-more jaded by the prevalence of unethical behavior on the part of nature photographers - taking short-cuts, passing something off as real that isn't.  (See my previous post today for only the most recent, but outrageous, example.) Simply said, digital manipulation and the use of captive animals continue to undermine the impact and value of photography as a true record of the world around us.  Soon, no one will believe anything anymore.

 As promised last week, I have created a link to a timely article on this subject from BBC Wildlife magazine, written by my friend Mark Carwardine.  In it, Mark talks bluntly about ethical behavior, and the value of integrity, in a piece that is very refreshing. Since many people in the US will not see the story, I suggest having a look at it here.

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  1. I wish I knew of an aquarium that had, what looks like, 9 or 10 whales in the same tank!