Friday, May 21, 2010

Dodging Downpours

Vine Maple, Redwood National Park

We came for the rhododendrons. But we either came too late...or too early...or whatever...but there were simply no rhododendrons blooming. And to make matters worse, the normally stable May weather on the Redwood Coast was replaced by what felt like a winter storm: temperatures in the 40s and soaking rains.  Miserable.  Undaunted, Steve Shuey and I spent the day trying to find pictures in the stunning but chaotic redwood forest.  The most appealing subjects were vine and bigleaf maples, all covered with luscious new foliage.
Yes, I have been shooting a LOT of green lately.  It may be time for another color...


  1. Yes you came a bit too early this year-normally I think that mothers day is when the roddys / azaleas are starting to peak. This year we are still waiting- lots of buds on the roddys maybe another week.
    P.S. This is typical weather in may here.

  2. Team Redwood,

    thanks for your comment; but I'm confused. Wasn't Mothers Day weeks ago.? If that's normally peak bloom, then things are very late this year. Oddly, Rhodies were blooming in profusion this week all up the Oregon coast, and around Puget Sound....