Monday, May 24, 2010

Change in Plans...As Usual

We had planned to photograph the coast...but persistent rain and clouds made that largely a waste of precious time. So, instead, we headed inland to look for waterfalls, at a time of year when they are at their most spectacular. In a remote canyon in southern Oregon, we found this beauty - 150 feet tall, yet surprisingly graceful. You may notice that the top of the falls is cropped off - that's because the sky was gray and lifeless, and only subtracted from the image. (There may be purists who hate pictures that cut off the top of people's heads - and the tops of waterfalls - but who cares?) 
Finally a technical note. I had huge problems with sharpness today: a combination of an unstable tripod collar, a smudged polarizer and, most likely, an impatient photographer. This should serve as a reminder that photography is not just about color and design but also about reducing variables. There are any number of technical issues that can subvert even your most artistic efforts, and solving those can make the difference between a fine image - and a lost opportunity.

Nikon D3, 70-200mm lens, Polarizer

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