Friday, April 2, 2010

OK, This time I mean it...

Hi all,  

I started this blog with the best of intentions several months ago... just before heading overseas for three months of continuous, largely internet-less travel.  Now I am home, and hoping to make this a regular part of my day: a chance to talk about pictures, projects and issues.  Wish me luck.

The trick will be making this different from my Picture of the Month feature:

There I usually tell a story behind a recent photo.  I hope you'll still go look there now every month : I will make note of when that picture changes here.

Other news?  I have dedicated the next two weeks to catching up on editing many months of unedited digital files.  This is all too easy to put off when the schedule gets busy, but now is the perfect time...

Finally, because every photography related blog has to have a photograph, let me add one here :  

I was delighted to have my Darwin's Fox appear in the March National Geographic.  I have been concentrating for some time on little-known endangered species, and few are more deserving of the name that this fox -- of which there may be less than 250 left on Earth.  Shot in the wild in southern Chile in early 2009.


  1. Uhhh.......Kevin, i thought you're a Nikonite nut like Nancy from what she's told me? lol Enjoying your blog - giving me a little push to jumpstart my nature/photography blogs that have been on here mths untouched. Hi from Mark!