Monday, April 26, 2010

My Own Backyard

Spring-fed Waterfall, Cascade Mountains

I live in a lovely part of the world, but often despair that I spend most of my time getting on airplanes bound for distant places - and never any time close to home.  Yet it was the mountains around Seattle that spawned my love of the outdoors, and informed my commitment to conservation.  So it's nice when I get a rare chance to poke around my own backyard a bit, and no time of year here is more spectacular than Spring when this green world really comes alive.  This weekend Marty and I just wandered - no other word for it - in a part of the state we'd never seen.
Say what you will about the rain in the Pacific Northwest, but its greatest gifts are the lush, inviting forests that cloak these hills and mountains, and the untold numbers of waterfalls.  This is one I found today:  a hidden gem.   I won't tell you its name, but this soggy part of the country has thousands of them.  

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