Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gharial, Chambal National Sanctuary, India

I got home from India three weeks ago, and have spent almost the entire time since then catching up on editing.... much of it backlogged since before Christmas.  Nothing like being glued to a computer day after day!  I find the process unbelievably tiring, but I still can't farm it out to anyone else and insist on doing it all myself.  With a 8 frames-per-second motor drive, there are a LOT of pictures to go through.

Some days I have the same sense of excitement I had when I opened a yellow box of slides, finding a treasure I didn't remember taking - but most of the time, it is just hard bloody work getting the pictures to look consistent, bright and true.  (It doesn't help when my Photoshop decides to pack it in for a few days...)

The picture is one of those hidden treasures : an endangered gharial at dusk on an Indian riverbank.  The gold cliffs behind gave the water the most astonishing (and accurate) color.  

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  1. I never knew such a cool creature existed. But I DO KNOW the perfect person to rip through your 8 frames per second so you can spend more of your valuable time in the field. Why not change the name to K & M Photography--You'd be a killer team and you know it! Talk about "WOW" Factor.