Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flower Arranging

Pacific Dogwood, Gifford Pinchot National Forest

There were dazzling numbers of dogwood flowers in the forest this past week, at times filling the understory with white. However, as always, they are difficult to photograph well. The flowers are either too high or too old, the wind too strong...or else I simply cannot find a composition that works. 
This little roadside cluster was both accessible and in remarkably good condition. I tried a variety of perspectives, lenses, and vantage points, but could only really make it work as a straight-on grouping.  As it is, I am annoyed by the blurred flower in the background. In a world without principles, I would have snipped it off or retouched it in Photoshop. Instead I have to rely on the notion that nature is always slightly imperfect, just like the photographer.

Speaking of Photoshop, I got my CS5 today - only to discover that it will only work with an Intel chip, and I run all my photo workflow through an antique (as it turns out) PowerPC G5.  It is always this way - you buy new software, and then have to buy a new computer to run it.  

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