Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Most Wanted

Black-footed Albatross family, Midway Atoll

The July issue of Outdoor Photographer has a story by Kim Castleberry about my work with endangered species worldwide :

I provided a number of images for them to choose from but was surprised - and pleased - when they chose this shot of nesting albatrosses on Hawaii's Midway Atoll for the opening spread.  It is a picture that I took nearly 15 years ago and have always liked for its intimate low angle. The truth is, wildlife pictures are nearly always more effective if you are shorter than your subject (or in this case, laying down..)

Although Black-footeds are often seen in migration off the California coast, they nest primarily on the remote leeward islands of Hawaii. One of the smallest Albatrosses (even with a seven-foot wingspan) this species is endangered by marine pollution and the continuing slaughter wreaked by long-line fishing.

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  1. Just read the article in op.
    Amazing Images.
    People need to be made aware of the amazing biodiversity that our planet supports and that
    each species is unique and vital for the health of the ecosystem.
    At a time when entire ecosystems are under threat from climate change and other human exploitations, the coordinated effort of organizations like the iLCP becomes vital, to educate and pressurize the policymakers to protect these amazing treasure troves for the future of these amazing species and for our own existence on the planet.