Thursday, March 10, 2011

50 "Greatest" Photographs

Amazon Dolphins underwater, Brazil
Got a nice piece of news today. This shot of Amazon River Dolphins (Botos) that I took for National Geographic in 2009 was included in their "50 Greatest Photographs" collection - now available (for sale) on the iPad.  There is always a bit of hype to these sorts of things, but whatever you think of the concept, I'm still honored to be included.  You can see the app HERE.

(Be warned, there are a number of complaints that the $4.99 app includes advertising)

Meanwhile, to read more about this picture, take a look at my Outdoor Photographer blog entry from last year - HERE.


  1. This one just had to make it into the top shots, looks like they are posing for the camera, we know that that must not have been the case as these are elusive creatures. Taking such a beautiful shot in the "herbal tea" waters must have been quite a huge challenge.
    congrats sir, and all the best.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I have thought about trying to capture the Gangetic dolphin underwater, but knowing how difficult it is to even find - I think I will leave it to others. All the best, Kevin

  3. Great image Kevin and congrats. Did you had to take any special care when shooting Amazon dolphins?...I mean being aware of unfriendly "water creatures" ;-).
    All the best,

  4. Hi Marcos - To be honest, when I started the project I wore a complete body suit, worried mostly about the dreaded "candiru" fish. Locals convinced me, however, that candirus were not found in that part of the river. There were piranhas, however, but they did not present a problem. Piranhas are really only a threat when the water level is low and there is not enough for them to eat. I worked at high water levels when they were well-fed and uninterested in me. Good thing! Thanks for commenting.

  5. That's amazing news!! Congratulations!!! Very cool, and I remember seeing this shot and being floored by it, so no wonder. It is completely amazing and deserving.